My First Steps As A Conscious Blogger

Do you ever wish you could scrap everything you own and start over? When I look at my closet, I feel this way almost all the time.

My hoarding habits started in grade school because I didn’t own a lot and had to be creative in picking out outfits. In middle school I was wearing spandex leggings everyday and switching things up between a blue Hawaiian mumu and oversized shirts. I’ve moved past my mumu years (I think), but buying a hoard of cheap things and not being picky about what was in my closet continued to haunt me.

In college, I got heavy into social justice issues and saw a lot of my friends go overseas as volunteers. I had my initial taste of ‘business meets global awareness,’ admiring brands and movements that supported valiant causes like the fight against human trafficking and the efforts to expose and end the making of child soldiers (remember those Invisible Children t-shirts?). My eyes opened to injustices that had silently perpetuated for so long. I grew a lot and continued to cultivate a passion for people and social consciousness. It wasn’t until my graduate research through Georgetown University’s public relations program that I began to uncover the ugly side of consumerism and, as a result, develop my own sense of conscious shopping.

In 2015, I started graduate school right in the nation’s capital and during my studies my eyes were opened to the dirty details regarding textile production and waste. I also learned about some great work that is shifting the industry. My time working at a top-tier law firm taught me that accountability and transparency are key to moving the industry towards tangible, ethical goals to improve issues. I was moved so much by what I was absorbing that my resolution for 2016 was to only buy items that were ethical, and that’s where the problems began. It was difficult finding things that fit my style and I had to pick up a lot of industry jargon to understand what was going on.

It was in February that I started to dream about this blog–that it would be a resource to educate others and a platform to champion amazing brands. There are some great entrepreneurs who are making moves in the industry and we get to sit in the front seat and help make change happen.

This is a passion project that I hope you will find helpful and hope-full. I also hope that it continues to inspire you to shop consciously and spread the word. It is a journey, not a destination, to be a conscious consumer, so just like you, I am learning a lot about the industry and adjusting bad habits along the way. Thanks for reading and being a part of this journey.


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  1. Yes yes yes! This is but a first step. Keep going!!

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