Hi there–welcome!

About the author? I am an old soul with a bucket list of things I want to learn or try — a nerd in an oversized cardigan with a cup of tea and a thirst for knowledge. What sustains my soul? Music, art, style, travel, hiking, reading, cooking, laughing, theological debates, and empowering others.

Thanks to providence you’ve somehow stumbled upon this passion project and for that I am grateful. This site is an extension of my pursuit to live beautifully by exploring what it means to live with finer, fewer things, despite all the noise. My own definition of beauty is amorphous, but as of now, it involves being filled with courage, gratitude, confidence, and hope. Learn more about why I started The Finer Fewer here.

So grateful for your support and comments — this little community may be small, but she is fierce. Please feel free to e-mail me at anytime (admin@thefinerfewer.com) or message me here. It always fires me up in the best way when I hear from other awesome humans and how they are making a difference.


p.s. You can find one of my creative streams of thought here.