5 Conscious Shoes That Boast Style & Comfort

My favorite style is secretly anything comfortable. Lucky for me, these sweatshop-free shoes are très chic and easy on the feet. Hope you enjoy these 5 pairs of conscious shoes for everyday.


I purchased my first pair of SUAVS about a year ago and haven't been able to take them off since. These slip-on shoes are worn sockless and are the ideal shoe for running errands. Their short drying time also makes them great for boating trips. They are, in fact, the perfect shoe for sandal people.
Price point: $79


There are 5 major gyres in our oceans that continue to trap pollution. To help stop waste, MOVMT creates eco-friendly shoes out of up-cycled plastic bags cleaned from Bali's shores that are casual and modern in style.
Price point: $59


A friend recently vetted these Allbirds shoes, confirming that they were ultra comfy and "lightweight to boot." Eco-friendly and an easy shoe to style, these are the next on my shopping list.
Price point: $95

Keep Company

Keep Company shoes come in a variety of styles for adults and kids and are vegan and cruelty-free. These in particular have a reflective coating to help keep bike riders illuminated in the dark.
Price point: $75


*le sigh* I can't speak more highly about Everlane's chic style. These classy shoes polish any outfit and are crafted by talented artisans in Brescia, Italy.
Price point: $135

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    love the suavs!

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    That’s really thiinkng at a high level

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